Go Girl!

Go Girl! is a creator owned superhero book about Lindsay Goldman, the daughter of a 70’s superhero that went by the name Go-Go Girl. When Lindsay’s best friend is kidnapped by criminals she uses an inherited costume and powers to rescue her friend as the superheroine, Go Girl (exclamation point!)

Notable things about this title are strong female protagonist, positive mother/ daughter relationship, kid friendly storylines, and down to earth plotlines.

In her adventures as a superhero, Lindsay never encounters anything larger scale than rescuing boys missing from the football team. There’s no buildings exploding or cities in danger, I don’t think a single innocent bystander is harmed. Any violence is minimalistic and quickly resolved, the focus is on the adventure, not the conflict, most plotlines barely give screentime to villains at all.

A large focus on the book is Lindsay’s high school friendships, which are warm and positive. This is a bright, optimistic, positive book. It’s cute. I don’t know that there’s much here that would hold an adult’s interest, as there aren’t ongoing intrigues or metaphorical complexities. The blurb on the back mentions a golden age influence, which may be very apt, because comics were simpler back then, and I wouldn’t recommend golden age fiction for adults, either.

The art is exceptional and perfectly captures the golden age influence and innocense of the story.

Go-girl! is however, a well crafted, positive superhero comic for young women. Recommended for girls or adults looking for an innocent piece of children’s fiction.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Authors: Trina Robbina and Anne Timmons
1 volume