Anaheim Angels

Tonight begins probably the biggest series of the season for my Anaheim Angels – a three-game series versus the Oakland A’s at Anaheim. The Angels (along with the Texas Rangers) are currently two games behind the A’s in the American League West Division. After these three games at home against Oakland, my Angels had to Texas for four games, and then finish the season at Oakland with another three games. So yes, this is the final homestand at Anaheim. And, although it may sound cliche’ tonight’s game is pretty much do-or-die. Well, maybe not exactly do-or-die, but damn close. It’s been a helluva season for the Angels so far. If the team wasn’t plagued with injuries, and the starting pitching rotation had lived up to expectations, we probably wouldn’t be in the situation that we are now. We’d probably have the American League West Division locked up, or close to it.

I will be at tonight’s game at Angels Stadium tonight to support my team. (No athletic supporter joke needed.) In fact, I will be sitting in the front row on the right field wall. Hopefully that means I’ll catch myself a Vladimir Guerrero or Garret Anderson home run. At this point, I don’t know if I’ll be going to the game tomorrow, but I will be going to Sunday’s game – the last home game of the season for my Anaheim Angels.

Hugo Tate: O America

Hugo Tate has fled the grim, suburban sprawl of his London home and gone looking for soul food beneath the big, bright skies of the USA. But the best laid plans…

Called “a small masterpiece” by Time Out and “one of the most terrifying (and elevating) reads in comics” by Comics Forum, this e-book reprint is a great introduction to writer and artist Nick Abadzis and his existential everyman Hugo Tate.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

When the king is killed, Prince Hamlet is called upon to cast off his old life and take up his sword as his father’s avenger and the rightful King of Denmark.

As a foreign army masses on the border, Hamlet is thrown into a struggle between the person he has always been and the King he was born destined to become. He haunts the castle halls, plotting, raging, and feigning a madness that threatens to become all too real.

Regarding the use of the word “manga”

For some time, there’s been debate about whether an american comic can be termed manga, if done in a japanese style by american creators. Seven Seas publishing have been throwing around the term Original English Language, or OEL manga. Here’s my thoughts. Continue reading “Regarding the use of the word “manga””